Lego player rankings (that I know about)

Alright, this player ranking is going to be honest and is not flame at all. I will be ranking people from 1-10, and if I dont really know you/played with you or haven’t signed up for ld2l you won’t get ranked.

Bubbles:hmmm I think this is a legit signup but I think it will be very strange to have an admin as a captain. I am a little afraid of some bias that might happen but I am 99% sure our admins are better than that. ?/10

Yumi: plays mid and is good at it, loves to play meepo/brood/huskar. He honestly disgusts me. If he left the( league all the drafters would (be instanly happy. 7/10 (formatting messed up)

Redlegoguy4: have you ever wanted a play to tank your mmr so you get first pick the next round? If that’s what you want pick me, has a 1 hero pool of enchantress and is playing offlaner so if I feed it can be justified. Also check out my hero guides in my steam profile. 1/10

Scrub: plays techies. 0/10

Beswift: is Russian 2/10

Mouse: great pos 1 player with 2 big weaknesses. Can get toxic but doesn’t flame team, and cant dodge skillshots. Pick pudge and mirana and he will feed away any lead he got. 8/10

Venuz: it is great to see venuz playing pos 1 again ready to dominate any team he faces. Very flexable and doesn’t flame. 10/10

Choco: toxic wannabe Russian. Jokes aside he is actually a great mid and is very helpful. He has helped me out with mid a lot and is now helping me learn invoker. 9/10

Donkey punch: best and only good clinkz I’ve seen so far play in the league. His clinkz and storm is very scary and I hate to see him in the other team in inhouses. 8/10

Crypt1c: very positive and pretty good. Does great things and isn’t a weeb. 7/10

2000boxes: new player but is learning very fast, has also played a ton of inhouses. Plays 4/5 and if you wanted to give someone new a try I would reccomend him. Never tilts and at the rate he is improving will be divine by the end of ld2l. 8/10

Kyrix: how to beat him, ban np, underlord, and standins and he will be forced to gg within 15 minutes. 6/10

Elusive: one of the few kunka players left in the world. Very good mid but sometimes inconsistent. But when he wins mid he wins mid hard. 7/10

Midorchen: I am 99% sure he will go in first or second pick. If you are the last captain to draft you might as well give up any hope you had of drafting him. He is very pma and good. 9/10

Latchet5:best tide hunter in the league, he had a 100% tide winrate last season before the semifinals. The meta is unfriendly to tide right now, but it is still a must ban vs him. Also he is a very good strategist and drafter. 8/10

Skaihighgaming: very good offlane player and streamer. Pango is a good ban vs him. I will say he can be toxic and flame. One of the few players here who dont mute themselves when they are ready to flame others. 5/10

Krugerrand: very good player, very pma and British. His mmr is boosted by spectre. If you ban spectre and venge vs him you force him to play outside his hero puddle.8.5/10

*editors note* he will flame you if you are a low medal like me and make you worship the high mmr god that is him or he will throw and lower your nonexistent mmr

Atifex: pma and like krug has small hero pool of axe and zeus. Knows how to beat ta as Zeus, so warning to any teams trying to counter his Zeus. Him and krug boost my party mmr, and I will say the service would be worth paying for. 8/10

Dr.flockadre: very flexable. Not the most flashy player but gets the job done well. Says he will play pos 3 but I bet he will play most of the positions by the end of the season. 8/10

Dusty: British and good. 7.5/10

Hail satin: won most PMA last season and from the little I’ve seen I can agree with it. She plays warlock, the most but can play other stereotypical 5s. 8/10

.teekay: very nice and very pma. When I said midorchen will get picked first or second, teekay is the person to get picked the other. Super pma and nice, offers the plays to go with it, and rounds it out with a very nice and smooth southern accent. 9/10

Agony: cookies smurf account

This looks like a good new season with many new signups, and a ticket. Thank you goodmins

Also might be smart to look over standin rules

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