Since 2017 RED Worldwide has helped to accelerate the growth of 58 businesses and facilitate 3 products coming to the marketplace. We were also blessed to give scholarships for technology training, business start-up grants, co-sponsor community events and educational workshops. All of these services were made possible because of the consistent support RED Worldwide has received from donors, sponsors and grant makers since 2018.

However, In 2019, the donation of essential computer equipment, cameras, telephones, software from generous donors like: Google, Apple, Facebook, Jotform, Qwilr, Adobe, Box, Amazon, Nextiva, Keshande, TLCC, Dream Maker Homes, and Microsoft, RED was able to provide 4 times the services to its members on a skeleton budget with just a few volunteers. …

A new decade always comes with a slew of predictions that can be scary. Will a new superbug take hold? Will the stock market crash? Will the economy tank?

These are all excellent questions, but without a crystal ball, you can feel helpless. However, there are three practical steps you can take to inoculate yourself from whatever the coming years will bring:

Inoculation Strategy #1: Stop Trying To Time The Market

Many founders try and time the sale of their business to coincide with the peak of an economic cycle, reasoning they will get the best price for their business when the economy is booming. …

As we enter a new decade, it’s fun to look back on the companies that have stood the test of time.Despite a few well–financed chicken–focused start–ups, mounting pressure to reduce our dependence on meat,and our growing addiction to fancy coffee, McDonald’s has managed to thrive.This year McDonald’s is celebrating its 80th anniversary with a market capitalization of around $150 billion — up roughly 10% over last year.McDonald’s started when Maurice and Richard (Mac and Dick) were invited by their father,Patrick McDonald,to help flip burgers at his diner,the Airdrome, which the brothers rebranded in 1940 as their namesake.The two spent almost ten years tinkering with their business before they introduced the “Speedee Service System” — techniques that were pulled from the factory assembly line to serve customers quickly.The McDonald clan ran their single–location hamburger stand for almost 20 years before Ray Kroc came along, asking to franchise the concept. …

It is commonly known that Innovation Acceleration is one of the best ways to fast track your company. To be a leading innovator, you must constantly fill your pipeline with new ideas and get those ideas to market rapidly. However, because time is of the essence and resources are limited, it’s critical to align your strategies with the best opportunities while maximizing productivity. In order to see the results we desire, we will often have to supplement our innovation strategy by accelerating our innovation activities.

Bill Gates says, “Accelerating innovation requires both political leadership and private sector leadership. As U.S. voters decide which candidates they want to elect to fill national, state, and local offices, and as many countries around the world undergo similar political transitions, I think we should consider what kind of leaders can drive the innovations we need. …

Two of the most important lines of the income statement of a company are the Top and Bottom line! Strategists, board members, investors, and analysts alike tend to pay more attention to those lines that any other because between these lines are the company’s revenues (gross sales) and their net income (income after all the expenses have been deducted from the revenues).

Companies who are the most profitable tend to grow both their top and bottom lines. …

  1. Retrofit and Redesign Your Personal and Professional Flow! Create and /or improve your systems to increase your efficiency. This will sometimes require you to reevaluate the current way you use resources to reduce waste, reduce steps, reorder processes, reengineer your office setup, etc. Nothing and No one gets a PASS when going through this process. You will thank yourself later as your increase your bottom line!
  2. Eliminate Everyday Tasks that don’t add value to your company or your clients. The money you save when you eliminate the cost of things that do not add value becomes revenue you can shift to value added services that help you to do business better, draw new clientele that ultimately add to your top and bottom lines directly.

One of our mottos here at RED Worldwide, Inc. is “Use your K.E.Y. — Keep Educating Yourself”. We are continuously working to make the resources available for individuals to do just that! In this post, we would like to give you an update on our most recent efforts in helping others to use their K.E.Y. to do business better.

In 2018 RED Worldwide helped to bring 20 businesses and 2 products to the marketplace. We were also blessed to give 3 scholarships for technology training, sponsor two book projects, co-sponsor 6 community events and sponsor 3 educational workshops.

While 2018 was amazing, In Q1 2019, RED has already exceeded its number of business start-ups for last year. We have accelerated the growth of more than 21 businesses in Texas, California, and Arizona. So far we have sponsored 6 information sessions, a 12-week Nonprofit Accelerator and Webinar, launch our Micro-Venture Endowment Program and forge partnerships to give 2 Business Start-up Grants to two new qualifying businesses. …

Project management is an uphill and tricky path with no red thread leading you right to the target. However, there are specialists that have gained experience and became pros easily juggling 7 projects at a time.

Want to be among them? Dig in the following guide from the PM of Belitsoft Alexander Kosarev. He has put together a series of tips that will help you get into the right mindset and avoid rookie mistakes.

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Don’t pick sides.

Being a PM means interacting with both the team and the client. However, what you definitely shouldn’t do is choose favorites. …


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