Woop!! We’re going full-time on GoRoadie.

My co-founder (Barry G. White) and I have decided to quit the rat race and focus our full attention on GoRoadie. The dream of running a start-up is very much alive.

From September 17, we will be building new features, expanding into new locations, prototyping exciting concepts, improving our existing user experience. This is something that we are very excited about!

The scary part is, this is fully self-funded and our runway only takes into the early part of 2019. However, we plan to try and extend that runway as much as possible by using government grants, savings and even try and search for investment.

Other than additional funding, we have worked on very clear goals for the next 6 months. We are using OKRs to define our goals.


GoRoadie is a service that is used nationally and is both helping students find driving instructors and increasing business for driving instructors.

Key Results

  1. We have 1200 bookings in 5 different towns and cities across the UK, by April 1, 2019.
  2. We have at least 120 driving instructors in 5 different towns and cities across the UK, by April 1 2019.
  3. We gain funding that will sustain the business beyond February 2019.

We hope you will follow us through the next few months and keep updated with our progress via this blog, GoRoadie Press, Instagram and our Facebook.

GoRoadie is a Scotland-based startup, connecting driving students with their ideal instructors. We have recently just launched our Glasgow driving lessonscampaign and continuing increasing our Dundee driving lessons booking rates.
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