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This article tells you some basics you need to know playing with Raspberry Pi. The simple techniques can give you a lot of efficiency and happiness.

I know most Raspberry Pi models have HDMI port, you can simply connect a display, connect a mouse and keyboard set, then do the job, just develop everything purely within the scope of a RPi.

But most of the time, it is not very convenient, because most of the time, you need IDEs, you need very fast coding experience. Frankly speaking, I tried Intellij and PyCharm on a 2GB memory RPi 4, the experience…

While, this is a long title. I tried hard not to be in that way, but it is just not so easy to describe what I am doing in one sentence. Ok, sit sight, here is what I am doing: 1) live stream Raspberry Pi’s camera to a local computer host, 2) do object detection with Google’s Coral Edge TPU on the host, 3) render results on the video stream, and display it, so that I can monitor it.

In short: Raspberry Pi camera -> Local computer host -> Object detection -> Monitoring.

It is working pretty well, with a…

Raspberry Pi is a wonderful device that has potential to link technology to everyday life. You will find excitement, satisfaction, happiness in development any small or big project with this. And here I will begin a series of stroies telling the sparks between me and RPi, to share the joy I got from these wonderful moments.

my rpi 3 and rpi 4

So what I have? I have 3 Raspberry Pi the moment I write this article. A RPi 3 model B+, a RPi 4 model B, and a RPi Zero W. I love the Zero W model, where W means the wireless, but I will…


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