The Writer’s Bullet Journal
Lyndsay Knowles

I absolutely LOVE my bullet journal. I couldn’t be without it now. I have found that the key is to be forgiving to yourself, more than anything. It’s easy to get intimated by all the beautiful bujo pages out there and how meticulous some people are with tracking daily habits. I’ve allowed myself mistakes time and again and the bujo just eats them up and it’s fine. So I wasted two pages – so what? For example, I have tried weekly spreads three different times in different styles. I just haven’t taken to weeklies. Lesson learned. I’ve changed my monthly spread. Then realised my week was crazy busy so I could do with a weekly spread. Honestly, my regular spreads change every month and I’ve been using it just under a year, this time round.

I use it in tandem with my electronic calendar for appointments. Mainly it’s my to do list. But I also use it for teaching reflections and CPD, tracking work projects, doodling (as of today), goal setting, travel planning, therapy reflections, all sorts. I love love love it. Make it your own.

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