How technology is shaping on-site workflows.

For the full article download the latest edition of Tower Times from NATE:

Compared to the number of NATE members, the 500 towers I climbed in 2016/17 are just a drop in the bucket. By the time I was done climbing, I had…

How to Efficiently Collect, Analyze, and Manage Data

Red Mountain Scientific’s Sam McGuire recently led a DJI Enterprise Webinar with Mark Foster, Director of Quality at SBA and Steve Roessler, President of Vertical Limit. Watch the presentation below or download the PDF presentation on our website.

Our VP Sam McGuire shared his insights on infrastructure security during last month's IoT Slam 2020. We’re sharing are a few highlights from the Q&A.

Question: Can talk about the criticality of managing the tower infrastructure assets and Red Mountain driving new requirements for security best practices for towers Based…

Red Mtn Sci

Image-based data dashboard for cell towers.

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