How Redox Signaling Helps with Healing

Redox Signaling Science
Jan 10 · 2 min read

The human body is made up of trillions of tiny sacs of saltwater, also known as cells. When a cell is sick or damaged, if it is not healed, you will die. In fact, your ability to heal is the reason you are alive and breathing right now. If the body’s healing capacity was removed, a person would die from the first injury or illness from which they suffered or experienced. If cellular healing stopped, life would simply not exist.

Redox Signaling Molecules

Scientists have known about redox signaling molecules for decades, but it is only in the past 15 years that scientific strides have been made in learning exactly what these molecules do.

Because the body’s very foundation is cells, the cells need a way to communicate when something goes wrong. Inside of each cell are tiny communication centers called mitochondria. When a cell is attacked by a free radical, it is the mitochondria that send out a distress signal — somewhat like a smoke signal — and an antioxidant is sent to the cell’s rescue. That distress signal is a redox signaling molecule.

If a virus or germ infiltrates the body, the mitochondria communicate with the immune system via redox molecules to send white blood cells. White blood cells are used to attack foreign invaders.

If a cell is getting old and needs replacing, a redox signaling molecule is released. This promotes cellular turnover. For example, when skin cells get old, if a redox signaling molecule is released, the old cells are replaced with new ones, which then create healthy, younger looking and feeling skin. Redox signaling helps with the turnover of cells that affect your bones, skin, and everything else on a cellular level.

Redox Signaling and Cellular Healing

Every single health problem in the human body begins with damaged cells. Every disease, every infection, every virus, and even aging starts at the cellular level. That is why cellular healing and redox signaling molecules are vital to health, youthfulness, and life.

Redox Signaling Science

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