Oh, I’m so sorry…did someone else realize they can handle the truth and that “vaxxed” has no truth…
Chris Hickie

Florida and soon DVD:

Boxofficemojo said that the movie did $22,000 in 3 the three days of its opening weekend.

The tickets ran $14 each so let’s do some basic math.

$22,000/$14= 1,571 people who saw the movie. The theater holds 236 people. 1,571 / 236 = 6.7 sold out shows in total.

By late evening Monday, April 4 an article appeared, that did not fit at all with the fantasies of Ryzik, Willingham, et al. It turns out Vaxxed was even more successful than our search earlier today at BoxofficeMojo revealed

BoxofficeMojo revealed:

“Controversial Vaxxed Doc Grosses $28 k in US Debut.”


The film grossed $28,399 its first 3 days.

Let’s compare that to an opening weekend for some other controversial documentary: Fahrenheit 9/11.
 Fahrenheit 9/11 reaped $23,920,637 its first weekend but it opened in 868 theaters, which brings us to an average of $27,558 per theater.

Angelika Film Center has extended it’s run of Vaxxed to the end of next week.

The more places that censor this film, the more outraged people in the US will become and will go to see it just on principle. The US is know all over the world for allowing free speech. We can let Nazi, skinheads, the Klan and other organizations march and speak-criticizing the US government publicly BUT a film that discloses the corruption of the CDC is being hounded down everywhere to make sure people are not allowed to see and make a decision for themselves regrading something that affects them on the most intimate and personal level — their families. What kind of person are you who supports that kind of willful disregard for human life?

The rest of the world are looking at the US right now with a discerning eye and comments on various international boards that have dared to pick this story up have not been good. This goes beyond “Houston we have a problem”.