Words: Babita Patel, author of Breaking out in Prison
Images: © Babita Patel

Markey, one of the men featured in the book, graduated with his BA from Mercy College in 2017 while at Sing Sing Correctional Facility.

Stay with me here. Let’s talk about defunding the police.

It’s a campaign not about revenge, but opportunity.

It’s not about having no cops on the streets — it’s about asking them to do what they do best, and to only do that. It’s about reimagining the role of the police in our community. Because of imbalanced budgets across cities and states, the police answer calls about the homeless, the mentally ill, students with behavioral challenges in schools. Their uniforms are used to intimidate, and sometimes literally cage, already oppressed neighborhoods. …

This year, Red Press will celebrate American Black History Month with the publication of Breaking Out in Prison by Babita Patel. Breaking Out in Prison introduces you to 15 men who were locked out of society long before they were locked up. Men who got an education inside Sing Sing Correctional Facility, and used it to break out of the cradle-to-prison pipeline. Today, they are role models for young men in their communities. …

Debut verse novelist Dan Tuttle sits down with us to talk boredom, inspiration, breakfast cereals and the laws of the universe.

Interview by Chiara Bullen

How long had the idea for Stella been brewing in your mind?

The novel took seven years from concept to print. The idea of writing a children’s book, as it was originally conceived, had a gestation period of about twelve minutes. I was bored on a dusty, hot drive out to the Serengeti. Nobody in the car wanted to talk to me, books were unavailable, and a rebellion in my insides dispelled sleep. I began writing as a distraction. If I just focused on my imagination, I figured, the physical discomforts would get pushed to the…

She Found It At The Movies: Women Writers on Sex, Desire & Cinema will hit bookshelves worldwide in March 2020 from Red Press. To celebrate this announcement, we sat down with editor Christina Newland about the inspiration behind the book and the publishing process so far.

How did you come up with the idea for She Found it at the Movies?

As a film critic and culture writer, I’ve often written about (or casually remarked on) actors’ appearance or physicality. It’s absolutely crucial to movie-going, in my opinion. An actor’s performance is inevitably about his face or his body. I…

The current climate crisis is a hot topic of debate right now—but many articles and arguments depend on the assumption that everyone knows the ins and outs of what’s being discussed. Below is an extract from Global: An Extraordinary Guide for Ordinary Heroes by Lyla Bashan, where she gives an overview of some of the challenges facing our environment today. Order your copy here.

Let’s not beat around the bush.

There’s no point in making life better for humans if we’re destroying the planet that those humans live on, or if the impacts of environmental
degradation undermine all our efforts to raise living standards around the world…

Below is an extract from Martin Burt’s Who Owns Poverty?, a memoir about his work to eradicate multidimensional poverty through his Poverty Stoplight initiative. The book will be published by Red Press on September 3 2019.

WHAT IF NEARLY EVERYTHING we thought we knew about poverty was wrong? What if the legions of policymakers, social scientists, economists, aid workers, charities and NGOs marching across the globe have been using the wrong strategy, and the wrong tactics, to wage the wrong war against poverty?

With the very best of intentions, we’ve been trying to help poor people ascend the ladder out…

Claire Bennett, one of the authors behind Learning Service: The Essential Guide to Volunteering Abroad, discusses ten essential subjects to consider before volunteering overseas.

You have great qualifications, lots of work experience and developed expertise in your chosen field. So you’re ready to dive in and get stuck into using those skills overseas, right?

Unfortunately, not quite yet.

Learning is a lifelong process, and whilst your professional skills and experience are highly valuable in an international volunteering context, there are a few more things you need to research or learn about in order for your contribution to have the biggest…

This year, Red Press will celebrate International Women’s Day with the publication of “The Anatomy of Silence”. Here we talk to editor Cyra Perry Dougherty and our Founder Katherine Knotts about the story behind the book: its origins, the fine line between editing and silencing, and what it was like to finish the book during the Kavanaugh hearings. You can get your copy of The Anatomy of Silence here.

Describe the moment that you knew this book was the one: the one that you knew you’d publish, that you knew you’d create.

Perry: Starting in October 2017, I witnessed a…

Red Press author Lyla Bashan has been on the road doing talks at schools and universities to promote her book. Here’s what she’s learned from the experience, and her top tips for other authors planning similar events.

I wrote Global: An Extraordinary Guide for Ordinary Heroes to inspire and empower Americans to get more engaged in the world and to help make the world a better place. My target audience is college-age Americans and the book provides a great overview of global affairs, so it can serve as an awesome resource in college curriculums. I thought it would be a…

The Anatomy of Silence is an anthology of non-fiction and creative narratives about the silence that surrounds sexual violence. This book presents unflinching analysis by 26 survivors and allies talking out loud about what it means to stay silent, to be silenced, to be complicit in silencing others. Below is an extract from Cyra Perry Dougherty’s essay in The Anatomy of Silence. Get your copy here.

*CW: Sexual assault, rape and violence*

Cyra Perry Dougherty

“La violó! La violó!”

Her voice came through like bullets as I stood holding the phone, which was
tethered to the nightstand by a too-short chord. I couldn’t move — couldn’t even bring…

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