RRT Holders are rewarded in a couple of ways:

They are getting rewards in the form of BNB the contract releases to holders.

Also, holders get some tokens back on every transaction. Hence, holders’ token amounts will slowly rise.

Moreover, token holders can use their tokens to farm more tokens! Holders will also have an opportunity because these tokens will also be used in the future for farming Launchpad Tokens.

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Learn how the tokens in the RedRocket ecosystem are distributed!

6% Reflection Reward: For every buy, sell, or transfer, 6% is distributed amongst token holders.
8% Automated LP: 8% of every transaction is added to PancakeSwap Liquidity
4% Storage Vault: 4% of every transaction is added to the Storage Vault for holders to collect BNB Dividends from.
2% Burned: 2% of every transaction will be burned.

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What is a vault?

A vault is storage that keeps cryptocurrency like a normal wallet, but it can prevent the immediate withdrawal of stored crypto by adding optional security steps.

Users can choose to split ownership between multiple users and email accounts, requiring these users to approve a transaction before it can be completed.

RedRocket offers you an opportunity to use storage vaults! Find out more on our website!

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Decentralized finance has enjoyed a massive adoption within the blockchain and cryptocurrency community. The total funds locked in DeFi have scaled from just $1 billion in early June 2020 to almost $8.4 billion in less than four months.

Yield Farming, also called Liquidity Mining, is a way of earning more…

Our ultimate goal is to create an ecosystem that will integrate a full-fledged internal exchange and become the go-to platform for liquidity provisioning.

We aim to compete with the monopoly of PancakeSwap by eliminating the obstacles the current users on these platforms face while ensuring stability and prosperity.

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Anti-Pump/Dump Mechanism: Any sell, buy, transfer, or the transaction will have a maximum amount of .5% of the starting total supply (5000).

Anti-Bot: Have you ever been front-run by a botting contract? Not with RRT. Contract bots will be aggressively and constantly banned from transactions.

Anti-Liquidation: If a wallet sells 100% of their RRT (has a zero balance), they become ineligible for BNB rewards, and will have to use a new wallet.

Automated BNB Dividends: 4% of all transactions are converted to BNB and added to user BNB dividends based on the RRT amount they are holding in their wallets.

Automated Liquidity: 8% of every transaction will be used to buy BNB (4% of tokens) and add liquidity (remaining 4%).

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Climbing aboard the Red Rocket is Easy!🚀

Here’s how:


Download the METAMASK wallet on mobile or desktop browser extension. Configure the BSC Network. Load up some $BNB and you are ready to go.


Buy RRT tokens on PancakeSwap and hold in your Metamask Wallet to start earning Reflection Rewards. The more you hold the more RRT you can earn.


Each transaction performed on PancakeSwap incurs a 20% fee. 8% is added to Liquidity, 6% Reflected back to RRT holders, 4% added to the Storage Vault, and 2% will be burned.


RRT Tokens will be integrated into future developed DApps increasing utilization and decreasing supply with additional DApp burns.

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Welcome to the RedRocket Finance!

The Red Rocket Token is the start of our future ecosystem. This ecosystem entails a full-fledged internal exchange/automated market maker with liquidity provisioning, as well as a launchpad designed to help new startups garner interest and assist them in their projects.

RedRocket.Finance features Reflection, Automatic LP Acquisition, Storage, and Burns.

Earn more RRT and earn BNB rewards, simply by holding RRT tokens!
For more information, visit our website!


#RedRocket #Tokens #Crypto #Cryptolife #DigitalAssets


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