Four letters/Three words/Two choices/One decision

Amazing. Fantastic. Incredible. Indescribable. Light. Dark. Painful. Confusing. Horrible. Insane. Comfortable. Beauty. Destruction.

What is love?

It’s a question to be answered differently by every single person in the world.

It is a quest. It is impossible. It is blindness, And it is clarity.

Through my eyes, love is one of the most hellishly beautiful smiling messes I have ever stood witness to in my entire life. It is absolutely wonderful in every single way. Finding that one person that means more to you than life itself. That one person you would sacrifice every single thing and more for. The one who’s arms feel like home, when there was none. The one who never gave up on you. Never left.

Through life…we (obviously) grow up.

As teenagers we sometimes become rebellious and say screw the law, screw the system, screw this, screw that and screw you.

We feel like we have no cares. No quarrels if we got into it with the law. No regrets.

As you get older, you open your eyes, And you see what and who matters most.

What you don’t want to lose. You see how much you don’t want to compromise anything with that one special person. You don’t come to a conclusion of say…I’m going to be goody two shoes, But you also don’t voluntarily say I’m going to stop breaking the law.

However, in a sense you do. Because if you don’t want to compromise anything with that person you truly care about and love, you wont want to get arrested. If you get arrested, they worry. They get angry. They get upset. Henceforth, you are compromising the integrity and pureness of the relationship with the one you care about.

Love is a crazy thing.

Always mean every word you say, never lie, be true, be trustworthy, make her your priority and always listen

And no matter whatever you may have done before,

Never Ever give up. Ever.

If she really does love you, and wont leave, she’ll forgive you. She may not ever forget and might bring it up when you two get into a fight before she whoops your ass in an argument; But never ever give up.

There is no life without love. Not one worth living anyway.

Be careful with who you trust, and no matter what…DON’T CHEAT! When you put your trust into someone else’s hands, its in their control. With that, they may take it, and somehow benefit it in the best ways possible. Help you with you. Help each other mutually somehow..Who knows.

Or else..

Or else they may take it, And torture it. Break it, Use it for their own personal benefit or gain. They may turn it into something useless

Something of a blank erased canvas of something you once KNEW was present. You were more sure than anything that it was there, but now its gone so quick that you have to stop and question everything,

But alas, it was erased so suddenly. So you sit there, Staring out the window. Feeling broken. Wondering if the trust you were so sure was there…WAS even there. If IT was still there….whatever that ‘It’ may be.

Are you truly broken?

Or is the situation at hand broken?

Will it take the death of hope to let them go? as mentioned in Slipknot’s “Snuff”

Is the situation what caused you to be the way you may be?

They may take your trust and turn it into something more horrible than anything.

A ripple effect.

Trust is like a piece of paper. If you give it to someone else..they may crush and wrinkle it..And while you can smooth it back out and flatten it and make it allllmost like new again, It will still have the wrinkles. It will still have the proof it was still crushed, And it will never be the same.

However, If It is burned to ashes…

Can you honestly blame a person for being so cold and removed toward the world?

Not really.

That’s the good thing about life and being human though. It’s a roller coaster of emotions, and time will heal almost every wound.

Just keep hanging in there, and don’t give up on him or her, Because its all going to be alright. Love rules over all. Stay Loyal.