My work is a reflection of self

It sets no limitations or inhibitions on the mind.

I paint what I wish people to view.

My work is the knowledge of a simple expression

“beauty is not just skin deep”.

I too can bring beauty to light even

as I stand before you in the flesh.

I let my fingertips, my brushes and paint do the work.

I have painted skies ruby red

and have changed the color of perception.

I paint to ease reality,

I paint to nourish my soul.

I paint to share my reality because my cure comes

in doses of colored hues.

These colored hues that glow in the dark,

The colors which life is made of.

I paint in distress to validate my humanity.

My work is reflection of self.

It pulls from my experiences.

My work is yours to think about, and mine to create.

I paint with joy.

I paint with sorrow.

I paint with love and often paint with hate.

But in the end, it all falls right into the drops of colored hues.

Leaving much to the imagination and little to destiny.

My work is but a reflection of self.

it sets no limitations or inhibitions on the mind.

I paint the colored hues which life is made of.

redsirens TM ©2000

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