I am damaged,



I am,

the every day woman,

the friend, the sister.

The mother, the aunt.

The stranger, the relative.

The friendly face in the crowd.

The pretty stranger in the train.

The old lady in the super market.

The sweet young lady by the bus stop.

I am damaged, broken, lost.

I am the blurred face in your dream.

The lover you once had.

The crazy girl is high school.

The little girl on time out.

The funny girl in the group.

I am.

I am damaged, broken, lost.

I need therapy, harmony, silence.

I need more than just temporary moments.

Tell me how to go about living.

I don’t know how to stop

the loudness in my mind.

I feel broken and I can’t fix it.

I am broken,



I am, me.

Do you see me?

@redsirens.araceli #redsirens