I’m writing a love letter but I don’t know why I’m writing it.

So the heading is as follows: Dear love,

now I’m blank and I don’t know what else to write.

I find that this dedication is just so,… well “personal”.

Placing such a big emphasis

on who you are or what you are to me,

it makes me uneasy.

I’m not so sure that I wish to start

by such a grand statement like “Dear Love”.

Maybe I’ll start by: Dear friend,

or even better: Dear____ and placing your actual name in there.

Yes, that would be so easy just to write: Dear so-and-so.

But it’s not so easy and the pen in my hand is becoming heavy.

I thought it would be great

to finally put into words what I want to say to you.

But now, I’m not sure that I can even write the first sentence.

I don’t know if I want to even send the letter.

Maybe I feel too emotionally attached, too predictable.

Maybe by writing this letter I will be bound by those words,

those feelings of need.

I guess this is not such a good idea.

So my “Dear” letter has to remain

a fleeting thought in my mind.

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