How often in life will you have to die

to resurrect in spirit.

How can the voice of the infinite,

ease your ailments

with the warmth of bittersweet insomnia,

that which invades your mind night after night.

It will be that day,

the hours and minutes,

That breathe the pure breath,

Of which your lungs lack of,

They’re empty and thirsty. for the warmth breath

of your beloveds lips.

How many tears pour

when looking for the human figure,

having your beating heart

which you ripped from your chest that

Leaving you, a double vacuum,

Empty of love and empty of being.

Your eyes will enjoy visionary pleasures.

just for the simple fact,

look at your precious longing.

It will make your lips,

kissed skin of that figure ghost

which only comforts you with

some forbidden love

Few steps take in your simple life,

In trying to revive your spirit,

And get your heart,

I was tired of wandering in vain.

Only days,

the hours and minutes,

They will give that divine and pure breath

Your empty chest and thirsty needs,

which possesses only the mouth of your beloved.

redsirens TM ©2000