When I was a young girl, I grew up believing that normal human interactions were taboo. Yes, “TABOO”!. Things that I now know are perfectly normal and necessary in the human heart. I was taught that wearing lipstick was a sign of shame, because it called too much attention to my face.

Now, 42 years old and I still struggle with the shame of allowing myself to just be. I struggle to wear nice things, showing too much cleavage or wearing a shade too red.

I wanted to break free back then and vowed to break the cycle.

In so doing this, I have taken my feelings out of the mix and replace them with courage and strength. I have taught my children and specially my daughters, that having a body is normal, having feelings is normal. That wearing beautiful things is part of being normal and being human.

I taught my daughters that wearing lipstick was a beautiful way of expressing themselves. This things that I have learned and taught my children have always been the source of my personal “demons”, for I was taught that they were Taboo. That wearing pretty things, was indicative of a negative desire.

But I learned that all these “things”, all this “taboos”, the shameful desires were all part of a bigger more complexed picture, they were the hammer that forced the nail into the raw wood. All the erroneous things used to bring people down through shaming, and I have zero tolerance for slut shaming and people shaming.

I decided that I would not only teach my kids, but show them through actions. That personal expression is a a beautiful thing, that is not only, essential but a must, in order to live a fulfilled and beautiful existence.

“Expression”, such a small word that entails so much strength and beauty.

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