Trusted Russian dating Sites

Have you been searching for a trusted Russian dating site to start searching for your love?

Many Western men at some point in their life decide to search for a women for marriage from Russia, often after a marriage failure in their own country Russia seems a great place to find a genuine family women for marriage. But is it so easy to meet a real Russian women for marriage ? The answer to this is yes, but you need to be sure to take a few precautionary steps first and be sure you sign up to one of the few real trusted Russian dating sites available.

A Google search for “Russian dating sites” will bring up hundreds of Russian dating sites all wanting you to register at their web sites in the hope of you upgrading to a premium member , but the reality is less than 5% of all the Russian dating sites on the net are real , it is not easy to find one of the few trusted Russian dating sites , but the good news is it is very very easy to spot the poor quality or fake Russian dating sites out there with just a little common sense.

So what do you need to look for when searching for a real trusted Russian dating site? Lets first point to some very easy clues to spotting a fake Russian dating site, here are a few points to look out for:

  1. Look out for Russian dating sites that are full of pages of young beautifully dressed women with NOT a normal overweight , short or not so pretty women in sight, you can be sure the site will be 100% scam. Definitely not a trusted Russian dating site! Stay away at all costs!
  2. The site operates a PPL (Pay per letter) system of payment , which basically means you will be paying to answer and send each individual letter to any women, and yes you guessed it those women who are writing to you are actually fake women and the letters you will be receiving are generated by the web site operator , you will not be chatting to anyone other than the owner of the web site or his/her staff sitting all day writing to members and taking $10.00 off you each time to answer or open fake latters.
  3. The web site hides it’s owners ? Always check the web sites owners out by doing a WHOIS check , if the operator of the web site is using a proxy name and you cannot clearly see who owns and operates the web site you need to ask yourself “Why do they wish to remain anonymous ? Your best option is to stay well away from such Russian dating sites.

Good luck with your Russian dating site searches.