Political Locomotions.

I feel I’ve been co-erced into registering with Medium, before I am really ready … so … here goes … splash!

In my head, I’ve been thinking that Dominic Cummings got the idea of monetizing blogs on his political perspective, from following/hacking me online, perhaps using NSO spyware. Subsequently, I rationalized that perhaps I should ‘tackle’ him, as a rugby player dives for possession, by doing the same. This is because, recently, I came to the conscious conclusion, that I really am, indeed, a ‘thinker’ (or, at the very least: ‘a ponderer’). Notwithstanding, maybe I should add, that this is aided and abetted by a daily dose of GSK’s (Glaxo Smith Kline’s) Seroxat. Beforehand, I debated that folk might be interested in such a ‘unique’, ‘vantage’ point, : ) .

(Remember, DC went North and, allegedly, visited the GSK HQ? This equals article (a) of my evidence to substantiate the above. Howbeit, otherwise to ‘grind’ through the rest of the coalescence of objective ‘proof’ I have stuck somewhere in my brain, would be too unbearably tedious, not to mention arduous, ‘damming’ the welcome, precious, ‘daemonic’ ‘stream’, I, mercifully and gratefully, perceive, viscerally, at present.)

However, I am nervous of presenting myself as a separate, ergo, fully ‘paid-up’, ego, with fixed opinions. I hold Scotty Peck (About Scott Peck — The Foundation for Community Encouragement (fce-community.org)), in high regard, and hence define myself more as someone with a ‘soft individuality’, in terms of identity, I think. Who knows, perhaps even Virginia Wolf pictured herself likewise, and her final act of ‘self-drowning’, was an artistic “goodbye”, that elegantly symbolized that more ‘supple’ belief (that aside, please don’t do it at home, kids)?

But, let us transform, arguably, ‘negative-sounding’ imagery, into a ‘positive’, last, introductory sentence, surrendering ourselves to a gentle, ‘inner-spirit’ current, while languidly observing what is served up, along the way, governmentally speaking.

  1. I propose that DC’s intra-party ‘pieces’, are, in fact, helping the present encumbency stay in power, rather than undermining it. Why? Since, belonging to the same group, his ‘revelations’ represent the former as a balanced, self-correcting and operational, ‘virtual-organism’;
  2. PM Johnson is ‘positioning himself’ just ahead of the cognition of the collective electorate, like a good teacher. Thus, his counter-attack to the accusation of “one rule for us and another for them”, with the announcement that participation in a ‘Daily-Covid-Test-Study’ would allow him to continue on at Number 10, ‘post-ping’, was to improvise, ‘quickly’, an 180-turn. In other words, in volte-face to the, ‘how-dare-you-sit-dormantly-infecting-everyone’ feedback he received, he made the genius pronouncement that he would quarantine in a more conforming, normal and active manner, with the caveat that it would be at the coveted ‘Chequers’. He thereby deflected possibly damaging, voter criticism, precipitating the less threatening, ‘populus’ emotion of envy, by the same stroke. Moreover, he gained himself extra r & r to boot, plus an opportunity to:
  3. delay his plans for social care, a bit like a skater doing a ‘triple-jump’, if you include the moves in point 2, (hindmost, a shame when www.sens.org/ ’ s ‘experiments’ can’t be any longer, morally, justifiably ‘procrastinated’ ;)) ; and,
  4. receive praise for the speed and agility in which he responded to the ‘enfranchised’ opprobrium hurled at him; and,
  5. spend ‘quality’, summer-time with Carrie, Wilf, Dilyn and the extended family, in a pleasant, spacious and well-staffed environment’;
  6. enjoy the country ‘accommodation’ going with the post, in case of being imminently ‘supplanted’, come autumn;
  7. get respite from cleaning-up behind ‘Dilyn’, on walks (??).

Therefore, essentially, Boris Johnson’s ‘first-muttered’ reaction to the mobile, ‘isolation-alert’, stoically, to ‘remain’ on Downing Street, supported by the ‘for-research’ clause ‘loophole’, may have been made in order to elicit the second, pre-determined, more gratifying option, all along! In spite of this, I would suggest that DC is not doing the opposition’s work, unless, conceivably, it would be more favourable for the latter to have Mr Gove as leader (??).

Hope this makes sense, but I can’t spend any further time on it and I want to publish before recent events become ‘ancient history’. Maybe shouldn’t have commenced before sketching a mapped structure. Yeah, OK Jules Evans, I get it, writing is quite difficult and time-consuming. I empathise. Striking the ‘right’ tone, ie, expressing yourself at the optimum pitch, is not easy. Not sure the craft’s for me, to tell the truth. Requires a lot of mental ‘energy’! And I am loathe to come over as too chairman-like and masculine, my confidence as a female not being strong at the best of times. Let’s not bother with literacy after all! If this is excruciatingly cringeworthy, so be it. Mortification can be a beneficial thing, no?