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The days when an ambitious fresher aspired to work in a well-known corporate are long behind us. Most freshers these days do not give much importance to attractive salary packages and benefits. Instead, there is a surprising increase in the thirst for learning and up skilling. While Gen X conformed to the conventional job expectations with a fabulous salary package and comfortable work benefits, Gen Z has been showing eagerness along a different path. A laid-back work environment with immense opportunity for growth and learning is what is attracting freshers now. And this genuine interest creates avenues for them to flourish in their career. Opening up a path towards this are start-ups.

What comes across as extremely appealing about start-ups is the extremely conducive work environment. The employees are not weighed down by prosaic expectations and dreary work schedules. In fact, on the contrary, they are encouraged to be innovative and explore the various methodologies that are best suited for the organization to thrive. Apart from a sense of responsibility and freedom, start-ups also provide immense opportunity for its members to learn and apply. Every member who works at a start-up has something to offer. The lack of a stereotypical management hierarchy often results in all employees working better together and making progress in leaps and bounds. They have the freedom to go on their own path while also inviting ideas and suggestions from their fellow employees.

The biggest challenge when it comes to keeping a start-up running is standing out among the dozen other start-ups in a particular sector. Start-ups have to examine various innovative methods to ensure that their services will attract users and thereby enhance their position in the competitive market. It is for this very reason that most start-ups do not look for just the most academically qualified people but instead welcome people with a fresh and creative outlook. More often than not, start-ups do not discriminate based on academic achievements and this is another reason as to how they propel themselves to the top of the market. While most of the usual corporates hesitate to deviate from their hard and fast rules of recruiting freshers with a minimum grade and other requirements, this unique take on recruitment by start-ups has been making a difference in the society.

Yet another silver lining in working for a start-up is the sense of pride and happiness when you are duly credited for your comprehensive role in a successful project. Even if you are not given your due credit, you will surely be appreciated for your share in the success. It gives you a sense of belonging. It is a guaranteed fact that no start up ever lays down its root and immediately starts thriving. It takes a while to get there, but the journey has so many fulfilling outcomes along the way. In most corporate kingdoms, before you are even considered for a promotion, it is expected of you to tap in at least two to three years of experience. Sometimes you may even be passed over for a promotion because of your age.

The best part about working for a start-up is the that you will come across various opportunities to move across departments and experience multifarious roles and responsibilities. And this in turns leads to the establishment of a good rapport between members of the various departments. This not only enhances your learning experience, but it also fills you with a sense of responsibility and excitement to be interacting and building on ideas you would have never dreamt of working on. This leads to an avenue where they can make mistakes and learn from those mistakes without having to face the music. There mostly are never any restrictions regarding your contributions to the organization.

Working in a close-knit start-up environment also strengthens your decision-making skills and risk management abilities. Although you might serve a jack of all trades role at the organization, your journey may not be as colourful as you expect it to be. You will face your own share of pain and gain but ultimately you will end up learning how to pick yourself after a fall, dust yourself off and get right back onto the saddle. When you start from scratch, a lot of your outcomes will be a result of trial and error. And it is during this time that you will eventually learn how to trust your instincts to make informed decisions in the future. And this point right here, highlights the major difference between your experience working in corporate versus working in a start-up. While corporate life leaves you little to no room for, start-ups are more open minded about exploring and coming up with the right solution.

Yet another perk of working for a start-up is the fact that you will be surrounded by people who are passionate about the cause of the organization. This eliminates the undue pressure to outdo the other members of the organization. On the contrary, everyone will be more than willing to help each other out in approaching problems with an innovative solution and viewing it from a different perspective. You will be surrounded by people who will go out of their way to assist you in overcoming any potential hurdle that might be blocking your progress. Additionally, another aspect that sweetens the deal further is the fact that no one will ever try to steal the credit for your hard work. In fact, once your accomplishment has been brought to the notice of the team, you will be given your due share of appreciation and no one will try to steal your limelight. Working in a small set-up also ensures that you are always at the top of your game, because just like how your success will take the centre stage, every time you slack off just a little, that will be brought to everyone’s attention pretty quickly too.

There is no endeavor that ever comes without its fair share of risk and uncertainty. However, the most important thing to remember is that every journey is a new learning experience. Whatever be the outcome, the takeaway is that your journey in a start-up will transform you into an independent, hardworking, pliable, and inventive individual.

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