Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Sharing about Their Pregnancy Loss

After three miscarriages, Mark Zuckerberg announced his wife is pregnant with a healthy baby. In the announcement, they can’t hide the joy, especially acknowledging the pain it took to get there. It also inspired millions of other women in the world to not stop hoping when it happen to them.

Miscarriages could happen to any women in the world. When experience this, the joy turn into grave and everything seems to be wrong. It could be the worst experience, but it’s false to call this shameful secrets.

Priscilla gave hope to millions woman on the world about the future of family. How the strength of women wil make a great change in family. How women has role that substantial and critical.

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Zuckerberg and Chans felt compelled to share their experience on miscarriages. She advices women that experiencing a pregnancy loss doesn’t have to grope around in the dark for weeks before feeling understood. It was a bad phase, but women must have faith about good thing to happen. Miscarriage is universal experiences. Women should just open herself after this incident to make them feeling better.

Priscilla experience on miscarriage has actually inspired the world. William Survey’s stated 28 percent of women who experienced a miscarriage learn so much from celebrity’s pregnancy loss. The celebrity experiences helpm them in many ways to become stronger and feel less isolation. The number increases to 46 percent when it was a friend who sharing their miscarriage experiences.