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Learn how a one-of-a-kind, woman-led rural Texas science museum brings STEM education to all kinds of students, including homeschoolers. Note: this post orginally appeared on

In early December, Shelly Abbott of San Antonio brought a carload of kids (family plus a friend) to Johnson City’s Science Mill for Homeschool Day.

“In our homeschool, we’re very interested in that traditional avenue from school to college and career,” Abbott said. “In the beginning, we were broad in our focus. But as they age, I’m helping them to narrow the focus. …

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Time to pass along a few notable books with Texas ties that are also perfect for young readers! Most of the books below have received significant regional or national recognition. With one exception, all of them have been released in the last two years.

For Kids

Almost a Minyan
Story by Lori S. Kline; Illustrations by Susan Simon
Sociosights Press (2017)

Intended as a guide for young Jewish children to religious practice, the remarkable Almost a Minyan offers something for kids of all ages who seek to understand one of the world’s major religions. Written by Lori S. Kline of…

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Eder Marquez and Fernando Ortega

Come along with us for a Mediterranean-style culinary adventure — and a dash of Spanish hospitality.

The atmosphere is festive and intimate, albeit a tad chilly. Porch space heaters are cranked up to full blast as a historic December snowfall is underway. Indeed, when the wind picks up and moves the festive black crepe paper streamers suspended over a nearby gate, the white stuff is visibly accumulating on cars parked outside.

None of us had anticipated the snow.

But then until 48 hours earlier, none of us knew where precisely we’d be supping tonight, either.

Like the evening’s menu, the…

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For all the international interest in the two major metropolitan areas (Austin and San Antonio) near the Edward’s Plateau‘s eastern front, relatively few people beyond Texas fully appreciate the rugged beauty of our region. Yet there’s so much to be experienced! As Eric W. Pohl points out in the introduction to his new book, “An excursion along the byways of the Texas Hill Country reveals an awe-inspiring land brimming with scenic wonders that are perhaps unexpected, yet quintessentially Texas.”

Pohl’s Texas Hill Country: A Scenic Journey debuted earlier this year, and Schiffer Publishing graciously provided a copy to us for…

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You’ve likely already heard about #MeToo, a viral social media response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal in Hollywood, which broke last week.

Having participated in the meme myself, there are three additional, important points that need to be made.

ONE: Not all women who have experienced sexual assault and/or sexual harassment feel comfortable speaking up online or in person, for myriad reasons. They may have social media ties, family links, or professional connections to their abusers. They may fear being mocked, ridiculed, derided, or dismissed.

Please don’t assume silence during this viral meme event means individual women you know aren’t…

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My mother, glamorous in her younger years

Like many of my friends, I’m at that point in life where things keep happening.

Parents are sick. Kids are struggling to become adults. Jobs are lost and sought. Hormones shift and we vacillate between moods. Our outrage against social injustice rises and falls with the news cycle, leaving us emotionally spent. Deals fall through at the eleventh hour. Our friends and family begin to die off. Administrative errors lead to unnecessary paperwork. We get sick.

Some weeks it feels like we’re opening door after door after door only to have the contents inside tumble out and crush us. …

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Image Source: Pamela Price (aka RedWhiteandGrew) on Instagram

Yesterday a friend and her friend lost their respective mothers.

Wanting to pass along some comfort while working through her own grief — and knowing I have some experience in this area, my friend asked me to give five pieces of hard-won advice.

Here goes:

1. Cry or don’t cry. Go to grief groups or stay home. In the coming days, weeks, and months, your grief journey is your call.

2. Keep an eye on your physical well-being. Heart attack risks escalate in the wake of a death, especially in the first couple of days, and stay elevated for several…

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This is not breaking news.

It’s not even really that important, in the grand scheme of things.

But Pinterest up and killed my ability to “like” a bunch of pins, hoard them in my “likes” feed temporarily, and then “pin” (or curate) the best of them to my boards when I was ready to committ.

I’m not happy about this development.

According to Recode, this was an attempt by Pinterest to differentiate itself in the social media sphere:

But Pinterest is also trying to do something else: Separate itself from other photo-heavy social platforms where “Like” buttons are prominent, primarily…

Heads up, parents of tweens and teens! Wired has a chilling article out about Facebook.

From the piece, written by Nitasha Tiku:

Data mining is such a prosaic part of our online lives that it’s hard to sustain consumer interest in it, much less outrage. The modern condition means constantly clicking against our better judgement. We go to bed anxious about the surveillance apparatus lurking just beneath our social media feeds, then wake up to mindlessly scroll, Like, Heart, Wow, and Fave another day.

But earlier this month, The Australian uncovered something that felt like a breach in the social…

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There’s a great NYT article by Roni Caryn Rabin about the significant role daughters play in healthcare, and it’s got me thinking this morning.

From the story:

The essential role that daughters play in the American health care system is well known but has received little attention. But some health care analysts are beginning to sound the alarm about the challenges women face as caregivers — not just for children but for aging parents — often while holding full-time jobs.

As much as I agree with this paragraph and other points made elsewhere in the piece together with the JAMA…

Pamela Price

Writer aka @RedWhiteandGrew. 2018 Passion Project:

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