From Adam Smith to Duncan Smith
Paul Mason

Thank you again Mr Mason for a comprehensive and educative read.

To my mind there is one key element missing without which actual change will not take place.

In your book you talk about the need for a new type of person — a human beings with new values. And this is something I think needs to be more and more mentioned and emphasised.

In my view — on top of everything that you have said and without contradiction we as individuals need to be willing to change our basic values and consumption habits. Without humans changing themselves nothing will happen.

It may sound as a surprise but our biggest problem is our greed.

And Neo-lieberlism has won.

Why? Because it managed to give the human greed what it wants — everything and all the time. And a feeling [false] of superiority through having more than my neighbour.

How? Through permitting the social norms to be a hierarchical positioning based on how much consumption I have had compared to you in this last year.

This then allowed the greed out.

Once the greed is out it is like the Genie being allowed out of the bottle. And of course it does not want to go back.

And greed is very happy to do very many immoral things just to get its ways.

In conclusion — I think we all have the responsibility that together with adopting a new type of economics we also need to start thinking of creating a new type of individual; based on new types of values. I agree with Jeremy Corbyn and think that the actual basis of the new economy you are talking about is kindness and not greed. You’ll find that the idea of being kind being helpful and being of benefit to the others is at the root of all the Wikipedia Linux etc. Even google started with the idea of ‘do no evil’