Race report: Wildwood Enduro

No time for posing or smiling, just intense focus! Photo credit: Called to Creation

I dragged my feet for a long time for this one but just absolutely could not miss an epic enduro race with 40 miles of riding and 6,600 ft elevation gain. This was California Enduro Series race number three for this season, organized by Mendocino Bike Sprite’s Amy Wynn and the team.

This was a long day so my strategy was to not burn any matches on transfer stages and keep energy levels up by stuffing my face with any aid station snacks. The peanut butter banana sandwiches were by far the best aid station snack in any CES race ever! The race did not finish until around 4pm, a bit depending on your category.

The timed stages were between three and eight minutes long, some of them being more cardio-intensive than others. The stages were characterized by exposed, off-camber turns that force slowing down and then accelerating again. Mixing up intense efforts like that with the long course overall made this race extra epic.

My five-inch travel trail bike was a clear choice for this course for me — even less travel but with big tires would be good. I also decided to run goggles for a change, having being teary-eyed and getting vision blurred in some of the previous races.

The race was a great time riding with my Trail Head Racing team mates and other Expert Women. Wildwood Enduro has an exceptional amount of single-track transfer stages which makes the day so much fun. I ended up taking the second place in Expert Women category. An awesome result!

Special thanks to all amazing race volunteers, California Enduro Series peoples, and to the fine folks of Trail Head Cyclery, a full service bike shop in San Jose, California, who keep my rides rolling and offer expert advice on gear and parts.

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