We’re going to make Republicans sorry they ever nominated Trump

I’m seeing a lot of folks on social media moaning about how Democrats/liberals don’t have any way to fight Trump, Republicans have the presidency, Republicans have the Congress, we’re so fucked, we’re all going to diiiiieeee.

I beg to differ.

Trump was elected by 25% of the voting-eligible population. Republicans lost seats in the Senate and in the House. They will over-reach and mis-read the mood of the country because that is what they always do. They’re already talking about privatizing Medicare, which nobody in their right mind wants to do. They’re talking about repealing the Affordable Care Act with nothing to replace it, which even now only 52% of Republicans want to do. They’re wondering why unions even exist. They think school lunches rob kids of their dignity.

Republican plans are so out of touch with where the country is and where it’s going that it’s laughable.

We’re going to make Republicans regret ever nominating Trump.

We’re going to come out in protests at every single appearance he makes and whenever one of his surrogates makes an appearance.

We’re going to call our congresspeople every day to complain about Trump’s policies and actions, and threaten them with a primary opponent if they vote to enact any of his policies which might harm vulnerable populations.

We’re going to occupy their offices if they enact any of his hateful policies.

We’re going to stand with and help protect vulnerable groups: women, Blacks, Muslims, Native Americans, LGBTQ.

We’re going to magnify our power by joining groups that are doing the work.

We’re going to recruit progressive candidates in every Congressional district, in every state legislative district, in every city and county and state. We’re going to have so many progressive candidates running in 2018 it’ll make your head spin — see https://brandnewcongress.org/home.

We’re going to work to un-gerrymander every state by making governor and state legislative candidates take a stand on it.

We’re going to push our governors and state legislatures to counter backwards policies on immigration, climate change, health care, any area where a state can take a stand to protect its citizens from bad policies.

We’re going to talk to people in our neighborhoods and workplaces about the progressive project. We’re going to listen to what people need and push our candidates to campaign on solutions to what people need.

We’re going to call our state legislators to oppose policies that harm people and that take away things people need to live. And we’re going to pressure them to work on creating good-paying jobs and supporting small businesses.

We’re going to reinvigorate the progressive cause at every state and local level. We’re going to start the long turn to pulling resources from rich people and corporations to fixing poverty and homelessness and providing health care and post-secondary education to everyone.

We’re going to pressure our media people to report facts instead of half-truths and lies.

We’re going to support so much alternative progressive media it might make the mainstream media wonder what the hell they’re doing.

We’re going to poke and prod the establishment media to investigate and magnify every mistake Trump makes, every display of ignorance and arrogance, every conflict of interest, every instance of cronyism. We’re going to magnify all of those ourselves on social media and in talking with each other.

If Trump continues to flout the Emoluments Clause, we’re going to pressure our senators to begin impeachment proceedings on Day One and never let up.

The people of South Korea have been protesting their elected president out in the streets every day for five weeks. Last week nearly two million people came out in protests in Seoul and all across the country. And that president is about to be impeached. This isn’t rocket science, folks.

I’m flabbergasted when people say there’s nothing we can do and we’re fucked. We have so many resources at our disposal it’s stupefying. Let’s get to work.

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