Falling in love as a Chef !!!

So let’s talk about being in a relationship as a young chef who is focusing on making a career out of himself in the ever depending restaurant industry where it becomes a man eat man world.

Let me tell you my story.

So when I first started working as a chef at the age eighteen l was young and full of enthusiasm to cook to be apart of something new and exciting, at my first restaurant I notice a tall girl with beautiful long black hair who would always look at me and make little gestures of interest.

I think it took about three weeks before we had our first date and soon after we were dating and try to have sex as much as possible little did I know that once you start falling for someone you start losing the importance of being in your kitchen and keeping your heart and mind into the game.

Five months has past and I want to leave my little local restaurant to go and work in the big CBD of Sydney to start working for awarded restaurant where the hours where triple of what I was doing already and the time to have a social life or even a partner was out of the question, so I told my girlfriend of that time that I will be moving on to do better things

She looked at me and basically told me to choose between my job or our love, I went with my job and left her.

Two years down the track I find my self with another girl and at this time I had progressed so much in my career Built a great resume with even greater knowledge my career was going well, but there she was a young red head who looked at me with such amaze such curiosity, and I couldn’t keep her out of my head. I was worried how can this work how can I have both and at the start I wanted to walk away but it was two late I was already in love so then I find my self choosing jobs that will work around my relationship and my career started going down hill it went everywhere I didn’t want it to go.

But I had someone beside me who loves me and who stands by any of my decision someone who cares who wants to build a future with me.

I think I need to add that she is also in this industry of hospitality.

So here I am 2 years into my relationship and loving life, I can finally start focusing on my career and what I want to do yet have a partner who I can spending my free time with and just focus on us and our careers.

So to end this falling in love as a bed is shit and comes with a lot of stress and pain but if you find the right person who is willing to understand and always be there for you then you will be a better and happier chef everyday.

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