Doing too much

Reece Kidd
Nov 8 · 4 min read

I’m still devastated at almost losing a testicle and spending £3000 on a surgery.

But I need to show people it’s possible to keep being consistent when life hits you with an uppercut.

If Streakoid doesn’t help me in the tough times, I can’t expect it to help anyone else.

One good thing from the surgery is that it forced me to take some time off. This made me realise I was doing too much.

I was trying to do these tasks each day prior to the surgery:

  • 30 minutes of yoga
  • 30 minutes of non-fiction reading
  • Daily Brazilian Ji Jitsu practice
  • 8 hours of Streakoid programming
  • One user interview a day
  • Write one blog post
  • Record a YouTube video
  • Intermittent fasting until 1pm each day
  • Drinking three litres of water
  • 45 minutes of book writing

The surgery put me in a dark place where I stopped doing everything; I lost all my streaks.

I could have worked the day after my surgery but I didn’t. Instead, I was lazy. Which caused me to spiral out of control.

My few days off almost turned into a week.

Doing what’s essential

This year I read a great book: Essentialism: The disciplined pursuit of less. It makes you realize you can’t get good at everything you want; you must choose what is important to you as frustrating as this is.

Once you choose, commit to just it.

I’ve taken the opportunity to cut my Streaks down to this:

Archive your streaks.

To do this, I built a feature in Streakoid that allows you to archive your streaks.

Streakoid used to only allow you to delete your streaks, but this was shit as you lost all your info about the streak.

I realised from using the app it’s better to archive streaks because it’s still useful to understand how your past attempts have gone.

Only having to focus on:

  • Intermittent fasting,
  • Three liters of water,
  • Eight hours of programming,
  • Creating a blog post

Each day is much nicer.

Looking at it is less overwhelming.

Instead of waking up, stressed about how much I had to do each day. Everything feels manageable.

When you’re trying to be consistent with too many things, it makes it a lot more likely for you to drop one streak.

When you drop one streak, you’re much more likely to drop multiple. Next thing you know you’re saying fuck it to everything.

Don’t fill your schedule

I’m itching to add more to my day. I don’t like space in my schedule.

I’m planning to add the YouTube videos back in next week. Because I’ve been watching David Dobriks videos and I like that format. YouTube has always been on the back of my mind and I don’t think I’ll have another chance to give it a go.

Adding this already sounds like a recipe for disaster.

But this time I will try to limit myself.

When you’re using Streakoid, it’s tempting to add everything you want to do. Like I always do. But we can’t make that mistake.

Determine the one thing that is most important and stick to it.

I know I’ being a hypocrite saying do one thing when I’m developing Streakoid and writing these blog posts.

But that’s because it’s tough to determine what’s important.

One of the main challenges with being consistent is determining what you want to be consistent with. It’s a messy process.

In theory, this blog should help me figure things out, document the process, and connect with people trying to improve themselves.

It’s so rare to have someone document the process in the early stages, so I feel a responsibility to continue to document.

I also think writing this is better than me dumbing out to a YouTube video. I’ve missed the satisfaction that comes from knowing I’ve created something.

Maybe it’s a mistake as it’s taking time away from Streakoid but I’ll keep trying for now.

But being consistent with fewer things is a a lot easier than trying to be consistent with lots.

Reece Kidd

Written by

Founder at Streakoid

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