Wonders of the self….is it that bad?

Are we losing the thought to stand for what we believe in? Are we losing the desire to have any value whatsoever? When shall we alone, as individuals, stand for others? Are we too individualistic in self-righteousness? What about the one who lives in fear, what about the one who fears everyone, what about the one who is lost to all consciousness, have we no love? Where are we, what are we doing, why do we move through the hours with no thought to those of less fortunate status. We laugh, we make excuses for them. We judge, we dishonor their characters for them, yet we have no character of our own. We lose, we drift we fall away. We look forward to tomorrow and we see ourselves and how the world revolves around us, our environment, we sense ourselves and nothing else. Measure the thoughts, measure the love we have for the one next to us, where does it lie, when does it affect us, at death? When they walk away and never return? 
What do we believe in, what is it that exist that is beyond us something, someone? A creator that forms each day and night as the moon and the sun makes the daily journey across the eastern sky to its western abode. This belief that exist in everyone, even my atheist friends- from where I once resided-of a belief of something greater than ourselves. Why does there exist this desire to look to something beyond ourselves; even the belief of reasoning. The thought and question arises, I believe in God, do you believe in Jesus, are you Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, which is the question we often here with whatever cultural context one may be encapsulated in. What is the belief-something that can help us- through the trials and life events that destroy every part of our being? Crisis, destruction, war, disease, loss, and whatever else may destroy, or attempt to, our individual self and the environment we are so accustomed to. When do we realize? Where do we turn? What can we do? How do we re-align? What do we do? Why do we resist? 
Desire. It is a conspicuous thing. Does it rest within pride, pride of our individualism, our view of self which distorts our vision of the world itself, which revolves around our worldview and how our self fits into that thought and environment. Me, me, me if it can’t be mine or my way, then screw you. Desire, desire, desire, for our self-image, our selfishness, our daily discussions that revolve around what “I” did, what “ I” accomplished; the desire, to appease others, the desire to share our accomplishments, so we can be bragged on. Desire to want the other one you didn’t marry. The desire that resides, that hides, that creeps, and lies. Making us believe we made a mistake. ‘No I don’t want that one, I should have waited’, but at the time the desire was overwhelming and the impulsive nature that rest within us, overcame and interjected itself into the desire in the moment and the mistake was made-A desire to please self in the moment.