Best 3 Tips to attractive a smart girl

Here is how to get a smart girl to notice you. Every week we break down great advice for guys from around the world on the dating women radio show that I co-host and here are 3 tips you should utilize to get your brainy beauty to turn her attention to you.

ONE: Pass the physical attraction test

She might have a doctorate in chemistry but the chemistry she needs to feel for you is, shall we say, more biological in nature. She might have the brains but you better bring the beef. You do not have to be a replica of the action hero she had posters of in her teenage years, but there needs to be a click that goes off in her head when she is around you.

If she is not amiable to your charms, it is because you did not turn her on. So, do not waste your time on her. Guys a lot of time put a head trip on themselves, figuring that a smart woman operates beyond physical attraction and rates a guys intelligence above all else. Yes, brains do usually matter to her, but that does not mean you cannot pass the first and most important test. The physical attraction test!

TWO: Remember, she is a smart girl but still a girl

I have yet to meet a good woman that does not appreciate a gentleman that knows how to make her laugh and is a real man. I do not mean “real man” in the sense that you have to fight sharks after you dove out of the flaming plane. I mean that she appreciates you being able to have a quiet confidence that shows her that she needs you and not the other way around.

THREE: You better have something to talk about

All right, now we get into it. You can pass the physical attraction test. You can be a real man. Now, you need to be able to talk to her. If you want a smart girl to notice you then you need to expand your mind so you have interesting things to talk about. I can almost here you screaming at me “I cannot do this! I have never been good in school!”


One of my heroes is Frederick Douglass, who was born into slavery in the early 1800s. He was forbidden from learning to read and write, under the threat of physical harm or even death. He figured out a way to educate himself and became one of the most brilliant figures in history.

If Frederick Douglass could expand his mind under such impossible circumstances, then you should be able to smarten up enough to be interesting to her with all the opportunities that are afforded to you via the internet, free classes, great books at the library and more.

Remember guys, if you want to know how to get a smart girl to notice you then she has to be attracted to you and you must be interesting to her.

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