Having trouble finding the perfect picture for your digital signage content? No worries, it just became easier :)

In the latest Play Digital Signage release, we introduced photo content from our friends at Unsplash . Unsplash is one of the best places to find free photos on the Internet and now you can use those photos in your Play Digital Signage editor.

Using Unsplash photos in Play Digital Signage editor

Here are 4 easy steps to get started (also shown in the picture above):

  1. Find and click Unsplash at the top of your editor
  2. Search for something, for example, “Coffee”
  3. Pick a photo
  4. Adjust size if necessary


Things in Play Digital Signage have been moving at the speed of light. In this post, I’ll cover some of what happened this summer.

Fresh new look of playsignage.com

Operating System support

We have launched a player app for Windows Operating System. This means that you will no longer need to use our Chrome app if you have Windows-based screens. While you’re not required to migrate your setup, we encourage you to do so as this will ensure an even easier and more stable service. Unlike with the Chrome app on Windows, you will be able to configure the native Windows application to auto-start after you boot your…

OSX or Windows? Digital Ocean or AWS? Trello or Atlassian suite? If you picked the first answer in all three questions, you may be a person who values simplicity and good user experience. We may have something in common.

When you look at the current Digital Signage ecosystem, you will notice that it’s full of complicated and opinionated systems which require special training to operate. Why can’t we have something that is simple and accessible? Why can’t it be as simple as making a power point presentation and pressing PLAY?

Our team at Play. is determined to change that. …

Justas Azna

Software Engineer / Entrepreneur

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