5/4 Days idk

72,000 votes ahead in Clark County, more than the lead in 2012

57,000 voted today, the final day of early voting — and a county record

2000 doors knocked, approx, by our field office today

200 Nurofen for $2.20. The American health system might be fucked, but generic drugs are cheap as chips

50 doorknockers from California expected to arrive by bus tomorrow morning to knock in our precincts

1 Republican in our field office offering to doorknock for Hillary

∞ level of excitement when In-N-Out was suggested and the office discovered I’d never eaten it

Views like this makes doorknocking in 28 degrees slightly more acceptable

The last two days have been a blur, with early voting coming to a close today, and a late night last night at a Human Rights Campaign event. These are the highlights.

I’ve been paired up with Eric, a volunteer from California, and been smashing out two shifts per day before doing data entry and generally helping around the field office in the early evening. The photo above was a pretty spectacular example of the scenery here, and shows how we are very much doorknocking in a desert.

We aren’t alone on the street. We are consistently seeing other activists with labor campaigns, and (rarely) signs that Trump has had people on the ground leaving doorhangers. The unions are sending doorknockers out and hitting many of the same targets as us, so we’ll often hit a door where the target has been spoken to at least once that same day asking for a vote for Clinton and Catherine.

A doorhanger for a labor campaign for Hillary

Our campaign office has both paid organisers, local volunteers and out of state volunteers (like myself) heading out each day. The count tonight had a total of about 2000 doors which were knocked on just today. Tomorrow we have a bus load of volunteers from California for the day, so we prepared canvassing packs for about 50 extra people today, which should double our output.

To give an idea of scale, our office is one of the larger in Las Vegas, but there are ~13 Clinton offices in total, then Senate and other down ticket offices on top of that.

Early yesterday a woman came in to the office asking if she could take a yard sign. The greeter happily obliged, and eventually had her leaving the office with a fence sign, stickers, and a canvassing pack to knock doors. Only then did she confess she was a Republican — but supporting Clinton.

A polling place — and the kids get the day off school!

Tonight I stayed in the office late helping prepare the canvassing packs for tomorrow’s extra volunteers, but last night Kelly and Michael took me to Mandalay Bay for a Human Rights Campaign event — my first time seeing the Las Vegas Strip. The event was for high value donors to the HRC and held in the bar at the very top of Mandalay Bay, giving an amazing view of the sunset, and jets landing at the airport (apparently the shuttles to and from Area 51). As well as running their own ongoing lobbying campaign for LGBT rights, the HRC has pledged 100,000 volunteer hours to the other HRC to help get her elected. Not all HRC members and donors are necessarily Dems or Clinton supporters, but the organisation have endorsed her because of her record and current position on LGBT rights, and see real value in demonstrating their ground game — which is apparently stronger than the NRA’s.

The view from the top floor of Mandalay Bay

John Ralston, of Ralston Reports, and Nevada’s Nate Silver, reports each night on the early vote figures. With early voting now closed, a record 57,000 people voting today in Clark county — the highest ever. Democrats are turning out too, with Dems leading Republican registered voters by 72,000. Here’s hoping they’re voting Dem up, and down the ticket and not “rolling off” and skipping the down ticket, but important races for Senate, House, education board etc….

The news is good in NV early votes, but Nate is still giving us a dead even 50/50 chance of taking the 6 electoral college votes, so it’s still all go with GOTV for the last 4 days.

Addendum: Today I did possibly the best ever street of doorknocking I have ever done. Of the 15 houses on my list, 5 answered (tick, especially when so many people are home, but not answering the door at this point in the election).

1 was literally on her way to the poll
1 told me that his mom (my target) was there right now
2 were voting Hillary, but needed a reminder that early vote closed today and to get down there right away
The last door I spoke to a very young boy who was happy to see me, and told me his brother was at college but he thought that he would be voting for “your one, the Clinton one”. I gave him the plan to vote card, and some instructions to give his brother and stepped away from the door — unsure if I should record it as a “HRC lean” or “not home”. As I reached the street I looked up at the window and saw an “LGBT for Hillary” sign in the window.

Yas. Kween.