If Your Car is Smoking — It May be Time for a Car Repair

Is your car sending out excessive smoke from the exhaust pipe when you start it up in the morning? A car that sends out an excessive amount of exhaust smoke is demonstrating one symptom of a mechanical problem and the other symptoms are what you need to pay attention to in order to help diagnosis the root cause of your future car repair problem.

One of the first questions your mechanic will ask you will be what color the smoke is. The three most common fluid leaks that can cause exhaust smoke are oil, transmission fluid and coolant. When any of these fluids go where they are not intended to go inside your engine, the telling mechanical sign will be smoke. And the color of the exhaust smoke can help your mechanic narrow down certain possible root problems and rule out other.

Both white and blue smoke, for example, can indicate a multitude of problems such as worn out piston rings, valve seals, or worn valve guides. And while the color of exhaust smoke won’t narrow down what type of car repair is needed for these issues, it will narrow it down for other mechanical problems. For example, while white smoke can be an indicator of a blown head gasket, blue smoke can be an indicator of an oil leak burning oil somewhere in the engine itself.

The next question your mechanic will ask you to try and figure out what fluid your car is leaking is what color of fluid are you seeing under the car. Green fluid leaks indicate coolant, black or brown fluid indicate oil, while transmission fluid is generally a pinkish red unless there is a problem with your transmission in which case the fluid may appear to be a darker blood brown color.

It can help your mechanic diagnose the root cause of your car repair needs if you know the color and location of the leak. It’s always helpful to look under the car and try to determine what area under the car the leak is coming from. You don’t have to be mechanically inclined to do this and it can help your mechanic pinpoint the area to be checked.

Finally your mechanic will want to know how long and when does your car smoke the most. Does your car only smoke excessively in the morning when you first start it up or does it smoke every time you drive it? It’s also a good idea to pay attention to how your car is driving. Do you smell any odd odors or notice any new sounds to your engine? It can help your mechanic diagnosis what type of car repair you need if they understand what your car is doing differently before and after the smoking problem started.

Keep in mind that exhaust smoke is just one of the symptoms your car is likely displaying and the more you know, the more you can help your mechanic make a correct car repair and diagnoses.

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