Your Safety Pins Are Not Enough.
Lara Witt

After the election and the jump in racist incidents, the liberal white folks, especially in relatively diverse urban areas, are saying, “Geez, it’s almost like, people look at me and are afraid that just because of my race they should fear that I am going to be hostile or violent to them because of their race…”

I can picture Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle from that SNL sketch saying, “Welcome to the club, DUDE!”

People who have a legitimate fear of harassment or violence don’t have a magical pin that says, “Oh no, I’m one of the good ones”

That’s overly simplistic. Much of this is coming from a good place of genuine compassion. But there is also the element of making yourself feel better without sacrificing anything. And that is what irks people.

The difficult problem is finding ways in day-to-day life to help. Thank you for pointing out concrete examples here.

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