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Long time Pacers fan here, and have finally finished the stages of grief and landed at acceptance…

The deal that may be ludicrous but kinda makes sense to me is a 3-way with Cleveland and the Lakers. Kevin Love goes to LA (remember those rumors?), and PG is a one year rental for Cleveland and the Pacers get the #2 pick. I know, know. Crazy. Just think about PG, Kyrie, and Lebron. PG is a legit perimeter defender which is what the Cavs so desperately need to even hope to challenge Golden State. Even if they only get one 50/50 chance at another chip just for next year, that might be enough because an upgrade for Love that plays defense isn’t going to come around too often (even for one year) and help you knock off the Golden State juggernaut.

If you’re the Lakers and you think PG is on his way there after next year anyway, wouldn’t you jump at the chance to add Love as a cornerstone of your budding super team using PG, Love, your young talent to attract a 3rd star?

Of course, I’m just trying to talk myself into getting the most out of this awful, no-leverage situation. A #2 pick would be awesome. And probably some more pieces need to be added for the math to work (not my specialty). Anybody else want to aid my delusion? If not a bottle of Scotch would help…

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