The author of the document was not questioning the ability of women to do IT work.

Bill Burr had it right: women don’t really want equality, they want the good stuff about being a guy without having to deal will all the (abundant) garbage. Women are under-represented in steel mills, prisons, homeless shelters, and on battlefield casualty lists, but we don’t see the ladies stepping up to the plate and demanding their fair share of those.

#1, they are cherry-picking. They see the guy at the top, but they do NOT see all the guys who got blown out of the water along the way. #2, they have incredibly distorted views about how men actually operate in the business world. IMHO men are far nicer to women that they are to each other, minus the hitting-on part, which they focus on obsessively. Yes, some guys are jerks, but they are jerks to everybody; if the target is black or foreign then the jerkitude has a racist tinge, if the victim is a woman then it has a sexual one. A jerk weaponizes whatever is handy at the time.

I’ve been working with and sometimes for women my entire career, since I left high school in 1972. NEVER have I worked with anyone who was paid less than I was (you think we don’t check?) In my opinion, they saw all the good stuff men had like money, and power and freedom, and they wanted it too, which I never blamed them for personally, since men rubbed their faces in it often enough, but re: #1 above they did not see the terms of the whole Faustian bargain, and they don’t like it. Well, neither do we. As the entry of women into the workforce makes it more humanized and family-friendly and enables work-life balance then we are all better off, and I do thank them for that.

A bunch of women bought into the line that it’s a man’s world, and therefore in order to be successful you have to act like a man. Does a woman CEO or Head of State really make all that much difference? If it did you’d find me on the ladies’ side for sure. As it is I’m absolutely all for having them do the same jobs at the same pay: let them drive the garbage trucks, get the heart attacks, and not see their kids grow up, I’ll kick back and enjoy the ride a bit.

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