Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain
Kai Stinchcombe

Dude, you nailed this one. A solution in search of a problem. And the collective whine of crypto fanboys to a reasonable critique is quite telling. BTW, I’d like to thank Bitcoin for enabling the ransomeware pandemic. FU2! That was no way to win friends and influence people, and now, the mother of all speculative binges. Are you surprised that people hate you? Then you have not been paying attention.

That said, this is a highly contingent statement: ‘In the end, the advantages of the existing human and software systems…’ But methinks you realize that already.

7 transactions per second. Are you freakin’ serious? If that is a solution then what was the problem, the drying time when inscribing on clay tablets?

I remain technologically agnostic, and an appropriate use case may appear, but the bleeding edge will not have any of my blood on it.

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