What is the Pay Gap and How Can We End It?
Justine Bunis

I’ve been working alongside women since 1971. I have never worked with a woman who was not making exactly the same wage I was for the job I was doing. Never. Not ever. Since 1971. At least 70 different jobs (I lost count), including the 2nd female jet engine mechanic in the US Air Force. She did the same job, she got the same pay. I would expect nothing less, and no woman I have ever known would have tolerated a pay differential.

BTW, I offered to tutor/mentor Girls Who Code (I’ve been a software engineer since 1986). They seem much more concerned about my being an old white pervert than my engineering or teaching skills. I smiled and went back to my +$100K job. Too bad ladies. Life is unfair. Get used to it.

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