The “More-ness” of Privilege
Joel Leon.

If a white man succeeds, it’s because he’s white? But if he fails, it’s all on him. He can put the blame on no other factor than his own pearly pale butt. From a learning standpoint this has a lot of advantages, because if I failed due to my own shortcomings, then perhaps I can figure out what my shortcomings are and either fill them in or works around them. If however I failed due to some factor beyond my control, then how do I change that? What is my strategy to overcome something I was born with? However this also begs the question: how can I know for sure that I failed due to some intrinsic and unalterable reason, and not due to an actual personal fault or lack? I doubt many employers nowadays would come out and tell you they didn’t hire you because you are black, so, how can one know for sure what their reason was? It is actually quite rare for me to learn the real reason why I was not hired after an interview, but I try to get the information anyway, because if I know where I missed then I can correct my aim for the next attempt.

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