Hi J. Reed — the workplace is not “the men’s world”.
Jason Shen

OK, let me back up a moment. More fun to debate than trade insults.

First and foremost, I do not concede your claim to the moral high ground simply by your use of the word “fairness”. Discuss.

Secondly, lets go ahead and get all of the cards on the table: you are claiming that we white males enjoy unfair privileges. Perhaps I missed something since I began washing dishes in the first Perkins in 1970, but I will simply ask you to articulate what you feel these unfair privileges are, because I can most certainly describe, in great detail, some of the downside.

To make things more interesting, I’ll put out one of my own assertions that I;m willing to subject to your scrutiny; that what you are observing is far more the effect of culture, economic status, and location than race or gender.

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