Can “Free Speech” be “Moderated”? Yes.
Steven Sinofsky

You tell me who will be the final judge in such matters. Right now, today, in my cyber-life, which is pretty rich and diverse, I am the judge of what I see, what I read, whom I respond to, and whom I ignore. In forums where the chaff outweighs the wheat, I vote with my cyber-feet to head for the exit. If I encounter an assertion which I feel is unsubstantiated, I counter it. Low-value fluff on the order of “You are an idiot” are annoying but can either be ignored or challenged: “I may in fact be an idiot, but you need to explain why.” In so many words, I am afraid that the effort to reinforce your own seemingly thin skin with community support will simply place a new master in charge of the discourse. I’d much rather put up with a few buzzing mosquitoes than your inoffensive blandness.

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