Facebook Reviews… now a 1–10 Scale?

Reed Smith
May 11, 2018 · 3 min read

Yesterday I logged into Facebook Business Manager and navigated over to a client page we manage. I was headed to the inbox but noticed something odd. The score for the page was not 4.2/5 like it was the day before… it was now 8.4/10? Screenshots:

Old Look
New Look

What is going on?

As soon as I saw this I called one of my business partners, Bobby Rettew, and we quickly realized this wasn’t/isn’t fully deployed. He was not seeing what I was seeing. Why?

Am I special? probably not…

Is this beta being seen because of where I am?

We are not entirely sure on this but we quickly started trading scores of hospital we work with and realized something.

The new score is calculated differently from the old. Let me explain… on the 5 point scale it was a strait average of review scores you have received. On the 10 point scale there seems to be more to it. It now includes recommendations.

You may have noticed that you are receiving both reviews & recommendations. Recommendations end up the same place as reviews but with no score. Example:

Facebook Recommendation

Quick Bobby and started clicking through the Children’s Hospitals around the country (because they typically have good scores) and comparing the 5 point scale he still sees with the new 10 point scale I see. Here is what we found:

  • Texas Children’s Hospital — 4.7 vs 9.2

And the list goes on… So two things:

  1. The 5 point scale was not simply doubled to create a 10 point scale.

Review vs Recommendation

How this is calculated is anyone’s guess… notice however the two metrics spelled out on the new review page layout:

  • “Based on the opinion of xxx people”
New review page layout

What does Facebook say?

Not much… It seems to be tied to the newly published community standards. Take a look at the expanded score explanation below:

Facebook Score Explanation

What have you seen or heard? I would love to compare notes.

Reed Smith

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