Top 5 SXSW Health March 12 2007

The can’t miss sessions around health, medtech, and wellness


[1] 1100a: Building Healthy Habits: More Social Less Media

Humans are irrepressibly social. Our mental and physical health has been directly linked to our social connections — i.e., the happiest people are also the most social, while lonely people are reported to have an increased risk of death. Sport can be an incredibly social pursuit, requiring people to be both mentally and physically present. It has that magical power to bring people together in the name of fun. 
With sport as our magical common ground, how can we use technology — which simultaneously connects and isolates — to come together in real life with more like-minded people than ever?

[2] 1200p: Hey Doc, How Much Will That Cost?

Healthcare costs are a leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States. Even simple medical decisions can create tremendous out-of-pocket costs for patients. In this interactive session, physician-experts will show how patients can talk to doctors about costs — and why they should. The panel will illuminate ways to ensure care is safe, effective, human-centered, AND affordable. Video vignettes will spark discussions about barriers and strategies for addressing costs during clinical visits. And the audience will brainstorm leading-edge tech and data tools to help clinicians and patients have these conversations effectively, while the presenters will highlight emerging solutions.

[3] 11a, 12p, 2p: Connect To End Cancer, Session 1, Session 2, Session 3

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the AT&T Connected Health Foundry, and Merck & Co., Inc. is launching Connect to End Cancer at this year’s SXSW Conference and will support the new Biden Foundation cancer initiative. Our speakers and panels will provide education, exposure, and potential development support to entrepreneurs and encourage collaboration among innovators, industry executives, venture capitalists, celebrities, philanthropists and SXSW Interactive attendees who share MD Anderson, the AT&T Foundry, and Merck & Co., Inc.’s commitment to make cancer history.

The Connect to End Cancer series also includes the special appearance at SXSW 2017 by Vice President Joe Biden at 3:30 pm on Sunday, March 12 in Ballroom EFH at the Austin Convention Center.

[4] 330p: The Urgency of Now: Launching the Biden Cancer Initiative

Vice President Biden will outline his plans for a Biden cancer initiative, calling on attendees at SXSW to join him to take on cancer. In his remarks, he will reflect on the progress made under his leadership of the White House Cancer Moonshot, call for innovative solutions to tackle the barriers that prevent faster gains against cancer, and describe how he plans to remain in the fight.

[5] 500p: Cancer Data: Driving Medication Purchase Decisions

Highly targeted, personalized medications are becoming more effective at treating cancer and other tough diseases. But at the same time the healthcare industry is constantly under pressure to control costs. How will data be used to reconcile these two industry trends. In this session we will discuss how data will change how drugs are being (and should be) marketed and how they are being (and should be) bought and sold.

Full Health programing schedule for today can be found here:

*Above titles and descriptions via SXSW.

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