About Reef Protocol

User Experience industry is broken. Companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. have all the cash in the world to hire (or produce) top UX talent and yet every single day millions of people around the world are swearing while using their products. Sounds familiar? When was the last time you said something like “Where is that button?” or “Why do I have to go through 5 screens while it can all be done on 2?” or “How do I go back to the main menu?” etc. I bet it wasn’t that long ago. Yesterday, may be?

UX professionals who work at all these companies have years of experience, all sorts of certifications and specific education and what not but it seems like that still is not enough. All the end user needs is simplicity and intuitiveness. And yet, we don’t get much of it.

I want to change that.

More to follow…

Meanwhile, if you have a product that you want your customers to absolutely love using and you need solid UX help, reach out to me at contact@reefprotocol.com.

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Why Reef?

  • It’s beautiful,
  • It’s simple,
  • It’s becoming more rare…