Business Opportunities in the Growing WordPress Economy

There are several reasons because of which WordPress has gained so much popularity and why it attracts the attention of so many users. Some people only wish to build a website fast and cheap. For such users WordPress is the best option.

However, for some of the users the reason is deeper.

A lot of users are attracted towards WordPress because of their love for Open Source and GPL. For other, it just represents a huge business opportunity.

With more and more users using internet, and more and more people building websites with WordPress, WordPress is an economy which you must consider for increasing your business and career opportunities.

Different options for working in WordPress economy include freelance web designing as well as development, maintaining the websites for the clients of WordPress, empowering the website owners of WordPress, etc.

Let’s have a look at all of them.

Freelance web design and development

Whether you have experience in your business or just starting entering it, there are a lot of ways in which WordPress can help you in fulfilling all your needs.

Right from offering assistance on customization and up gradation, to installing the website, WordPress offers a wide range of opportunities to the users.

Looking after the websites built on WordPress

Since past few years, the services which provide assistance to the websites built on WordPress has dramatically increased.

In case you have been keeping a track of the origin of the maintenance services offered by WordPress, the WP curve, you would know that the founder of these services Dan Norris introduced bootstrapped service within a very short span of time with limited resources.

Empowering the website owners of WordPress

Rather than offering assistance and maintenance services to the websites of WordPress, it would be much better to offer assistance to the owners so that they are able to take care of their websites on their own.

Empowering the WordPress users for taking care of their websites can be quite rewarding.

Offering the information required for keeping the website safe, secure, optimized as well as on track helps the users in achieving their business goals.

Launching a product into WP ecosystem

WordPress is free to be used, but various commercial products which are available in the ecosystem of WordPress helps the users in being prepared for paying to upgrade the functionality as well as appearance of their website.

Optimizing the existing service for the WP users

The Web host firms have been in the industry for quite some time now. Till recently, the users of WordPress were ready to host their sites on the basic servers along the regular sites.

Then, managed WordPress hosting was introduced and a completely fresh market was developed.

Reporting on the ecosystem of WordPress

As any ecosystem or industry grows, the requirement for news from that particular industry also grows.

Now there are a number of websites as well as podcasts which have been dedicated to cover the latest developments and news from the ecosystem of WordPress. These outlets publish the products and services reviews while offering resources for helping the WordPress users. With a number of successful news websites, there is definitely an appetite for such content.

Creating a platform for yourself

A blog has the potential of earning lot of money through advertising, lead generation or affiliate commission. However, it may also help the Open- up business opportunities and also help in fetching permanent employment.

Developing effective content which provides good value to the audience can help in opening a lot of doors for the users. Just combine this with the local as well as national level communities of WordPress through meet-ups, campus and other such events. WordPress Theme Development may help in building relationship as well as fetching opportunities for your business.