In person drop Experience:

I’m afraid of many things in my life. Because of this fear I was unable to take risks in my life and it shattered my confidence to a great extent.

Before going through this activity of in-person drop of resume and cover letter, several questions were roaming in my mind like what will be response after my visit as I have no experience that is required for job, what if I will be rejected etc. and all these thoughts were making me more anxious.

Like any other fellows with all these fears I decided to do it. So I spent two hours researching for available jobs i am interested in. Then finally i decided to go to Engineering consultancy who recently advertised for walk in interviews for fresh grads but it does not includes my engineering major but i decided to give a try over there.

Before going there, I planned each and every step. I customised my resume and cover letter according to requirement of a job description. I prepared my elevator pitch(brief introduction of myself highlighting my goals and major experiences).

I decided to go at organization at 9:00 am one hour before the time of starting of interviews because I think before that i will met officials. So I dressed up well, gathered all my documents in neat folder and went there.

On reaching, i met my manager under whose supervision i have done internship last year and had a pleasant chit chat with him. He guided me with some useful tips. I thanked him for his assistance.

Then i registered myself for the walk in interview and they ask me to wait for my turn. I started practicing my elevator pitch till my turn.

When i entered the room of interview. Three persons were sitting over there with a smile on their face. They looked up the registration form. I gave them a brief intro of myself and relate the correspondence of this job description with my engineering major.

With a gentle smile one of them said they are not preferring my degree major for this position . But they kept my resume and cover letter and said whenever they need a person with this major they will surely prefer me. I thanked them for their time.

I found this In person drop experience very interesting. All of my insecurities were tied up in a neat bow, all thanks to Amal Academy. Because of this activity i was able to come out of my comfort zone. I want to suggest everyone to try it once because we fail more often by timidity than over daring.