Perfection is death
Mohammad Al Munaikh

I have never stopped and wonder on a law more than the second law of thermodynamics, which states that “in any cyclic process the degree of disorder will either increase or remain the same”.

Looking at our world, almost everything is cyclic… blood circulation, solar system, seasons , and also time.. everything moves in a cyclic way!

To be in a mess i.e not perfect is a normal aspect of life. Our life is random!

So when we come to the term “perfect” it is just an assumption or a manmade idea which was built out of ones’ identity. And identity is not reality as it is, It is how the person sees life through that identity.

Like when you said, if you have 3 people and you want to convince that 3 people to see things as perfect as you see them..

You might only convince the one who sees it from the same dimension of yours. But those who has different dimensions will never see things as you do…which might in return make you feel upset..

“How you are seen by others turns into how you see yourself”

Perfection is just like digging into a bottomless hole that can never be filled.. & that’s why it is death

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