Exploring Medium as a Reporting Tool

Throughout the semester, #loweclass has explored different media platforms to showcase our journalism work. We’ve tackled Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Weebly, Instagram, and finally Medium. Even though each platform is different, professor Lowe has taught us how to use each media platform to our benefit.

Before this week, I had no idea what Medium was. Thankfully, this platform was introduced this week in #loweclass. Medium is the perfect platform for journalists and for any individual who loves to write. Unlike the other media platforms, Medium is the best site for composing and editing writing. It also allows you to collaborate with other users and helps you find an audience.

After we talked about Medium, #loweclass began to discuss our final project for the semester. We watched several published videos to get a better understanding of our final project and to help us come up with our own creative ideas.

First Example: “Hotel 22”

This piece captures a 24-hour bus line that is commonly used for the homeless in Silicon Valley. The raw footage and natural noise is this video helps capture an accurate portrayal of this region’s homeless. This example was one of my favorite examples displayed in #loweclass because it is unique and compelling.

Example 2: “Bronx Obama”

This short documentary captures the life of a man named Louis Ortiz who is also known as the “Bronx Obama.” I think this piece was really successful because it was inspirational. The fact that he was unemployed and worked his way up to becoming a well-known person in the Bronx is fascinating. It was cool to see his transformation through this video.

Final Thoughts:

I truly enjoyed learning how to use Medium and could definitely see myself using it in the future. I am also really excited to start brainstorming for our final assignment. The video examples shown in #loweclass has inspired me to think creatively and create the best journalism I possibly can.