- Cooking is an expression of ‘love’

Hey Friends… On this Saturday evening, just got up and thought of creating my blog. People who love cooking will surely agree to the thought expressed in the title of my blog.

According to me, Cooking is no rocket science, it’s just about feelings and loving somebody. It’s not about …’What’…it’s about ‘HOW’……

I may sound vague to people but that’s the reality . Our sense organs play a very critical role in the same. That reminds me of one of my Uncle’s , who always used to say that you first eat with your ‘Nose’ then with your ‘Eyes’ and then comes the role of ‘Tongue’ and In order to satisfy these sense organs ‘Heart- full of love’ plays an important role.

So, before you start a groggy Sunday morning tomorrow in the kitchen , make sure you have 3 vital ingredients in your mind with a heart full of “Love”

Wish you a very Happy Family meal ……

Stay tuned to be a spontaneous cook…aur …Dil Kahe ….“Cook-Kre-Ja”…..