I, too, write letters.
Stephanie Weaver

Dearest Stephanie,

Thank you for your extraordinary letter. I am so moved that you shared such intimate pieces of your life with me, and the time you gave to creating this gift of a response.

What a beautiful language and habit your mother instilled in you. Our mothers are such sublime influences, aren’t they? Their every word, every gesture, every touch will have an indelible effect. I am so happy to know you have a mom who recognizes the power and nourishment found in the written word, especially when woven into the fabric of a relationship, and the way you give and receive love, comfort, clarity, and strength.

And here you are, embodying and passing forward her teachings. She must be so proud of you. What a stroke of fortune you have been to so many people, lovers and friends alike. Your humility is as refreshing as your generosity — it takes courage to own how you have used words woundingly before, and it takes discipline and love to then apologize and make amends for those bruises.

Thank you so much for your story, for letting me peek into this glorious heart, mind, and talent of yours. Please keep writing and sharing your truth, beauty, and love through words. The world is all the better because of people like you.



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