Evolving Role of Designers

Like never before, design has risen as a key strategic differentiator across industries and organizations from start-ups to large scale enterprises. Companies are experiencing significant value growth in their products + services in unprecedented ways, with the help of design. There are numerous examples across industry sectors, that demonstrate this trajectory. Just take a look at products like the Nest thermostat, or the Fitbit wristband or the services of companies like Starwood Hotels or Starbucks and you’ll find that design was central to the success of those experiences.

So what does the rise of design’s popularity mean for designers? As with all great opportunities, comes great responsibility. It’s no longer enough for designers to deliver their craft by executing delightful solutions. As practitioners, designers will need to adapt, and become facilitators of change within their organizations. Staying relevant will mean, having a fluency not only in design or technology, but in the language of business. Designers need to become bilingual chameleons within their corporate environments, thoughtfully communicating the value of their work within a business context, often to non-designers. Understanding not only the end user, but the business + financial implications of design is essential to growing and adapting in an ever changing corporate environment.

Reem Gamil

Director, Experience Design at Vertafore

Sounds really interesting Reem! If didn’t have a prior commitment at that time would absolutely have registered for the Webinar.