Islam phobic

We can see in these days that the terrorism operation we might here about it in any country at any time suddenly! Without knowing the reason about it, and just knowing that the people who are behind this operation are Muslims! After the terrorist attacks that have been recently in France, Nice which killed 85 innocent people. Let the Western people or (people who are not Muslims) think about Muslims again and thought that they are a terrorist and have caused to them an Islam phobic.

I agree with the both sides, with people who disagree with the burkini due to security threats. Their opinion or thinking have been changed about the Muslims because of what they are hearing what happing in the world every day because of the terrorist who do their bad criminal and says that they are Muslims. So of all that, this has created an Islamphobic to these people so they completely disagree anything that related to Islam. Because the image of the Islam has changed in their mind.

I agree also with people who say that we should give the women their freedom. Actually, not all the Muslims are bad and not all the Muslims are good there are always bad and good people in everywhere. Muslim women’s already have their family their religion to tell them what they should wear or not, there is no need for another law to judge them. You cant coercion people to tell them what they have to wear.

You can’t judge many people because of few people are doing bad things in the world. People around the world must know more about the Islam and what it is really are so their thoughts may change about Islamphobic.

This image is represent that not all the Muslims are terrorist
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